As the seasons begin to change from winter to spring, our landscapes are due to change. With the end of frosts and snow come the budding foliage of spring, and it is again time to clean up the yard and get ready for a glorious summer landscape. Clients often wonder when it’s best to trim their shrubs and bushes, and most horticulturists agree that the best time to prune is early spring and during the fall. So as early spring approaches, now’s the time to book a yard clean up and bush pruning through The Prestige Lawn Care. Here’s why early spring is one of the best times to cut back bush and shrub overgrowth:

Beat the Bloom

Spring means blooming buds. Trees, bushes, and flowers all come out of their dormant winter state to grow again. Pruning back your bushes and shrubs before the bloom actually encourages the plant to bloom and flourish more. That can result in new, more healthful growth.

Spread the Wealth

Since your plants depend on the nutrients they pull from the soil that surrounds the root structure, they’re pulling from a finite resource. When you opt to prune off branches, there are more nutrients available to feed the leftover branches. That means a healthier, sturdier plant, and more new growth.

Get in touch with the professional landscapers here at The Prestige Lawn Care when it’s time for your next yard clean up and pruning. We’ll lop off any unnecessary branches your bushes and shrubs have grown.