1. Beautiful Lawn and Landscape

    Lawn Watering Guidelines and Tips

    As spring is in full force, we often encounter clients with questions about how to water their lawn to achieve the healthiest yard with the greenest grass. While regular mowing intervals, fertilizing, aerating, and pest control all prove to be an important part of lawn maintenance, watering your lawn properly is essential to its vitality. So, how can you make sure that your lawn is getting enough …Read More

  2. Sunny Lawn Banner

    Your Landscape & Curb Appeal

    When you invest in landscaping, you’re investing in the value of your home property. Your landscape is the first thing a passerby will notice, and it’s extremely important for the curb appeal of a home. If you’re looking to place your home on the housing market at any point in the future, you’ll want to invest in your landscape and ensure that your lawn, shrubs, and trees are flourishing. …Read More

  3. Sprinkler Head in Lawn

    Keeping Your Lawn Lush Part II

    In our last blog, we began talking about the best ways to maintain your lawn to get the most lush, lively, green grass in the neighborhood. We’d mentioned that it’s important to aerate your lawn at least once (hopefully twice) per year, and we’d talked about the importance of fertilizing your lawn to maintain the nutrient levels within your soil. Today, we’re talking about properly waterin…Read More

  4. Worker on Riding Lawn Mower

    Keeping Your Lawn Lush

    Keeping your landscape lush and beautiful is our job. It’s why we provide our lawn mowing and landscaping services. We take pride in producing and maintaining the most lush lawns and landscapes you can find here in the Asheboro and Greensboro areas. That’s why we’re going to take a moment today to offer up some advice for those looking to get the best, most lush lawn. Here are our lawn maint…Read More

  5. Sod Roll Banner

    The Seed or Sod Debate

    If you’re considering a new lawn on your property, or if you’re simply revitalizing your current lawn, you may be debating between seeding and sodding your lawn. It’s a tough debate, and there’s no clear winner. Each method has its merits. So let’s talk about the pros and cons of each; we’ll let you decide which method is best for your lawn. Seeding Your Lawn For patchy grass, that has…Read More

  6. Tips to Grow a Lush Lawn This Spring

    Spring is right around the corner (in fact, the first day of spring is March 20), which means that it’s time for spring cleaning. It’s time to tidy up the house and time to sweep out all the dust and cobwebs that collect during winter. That also means it’s time to breathe life back into your lawn. Over the winter months, your lawn lays dormant, waiting for warmth and sunshine to thrive once …Read More

  7. Mower Closeup

    Mowing Tactics

    Your lawn is becoming unwieldy. The grass is overtaking your edges, and it’s galavanting into your mulch. It’s a jungle, and it’s time to tame the wild animal that is your yard. But what’s best practice? Some folks like to cut the grass in a spiral. Others prefer to go with rows. Still, others prefer the checkered method. With unlimited boundaries, what’s the ideal lawn cutting pattern f…Read More

  8. Sod Roll Banner

    Caring for New Sod

    If you’ve just laid a fresh patch of new sod, it’s likely that your landscape is looking lovely for the first time since you’ve moved in, and that’s an exciting time! But right off the bat, it’s more important than ever to keep a close eye on the health of your newborn lawn. Laying sod can be shocking for the grass, so it’s important to take extra special care with your new sod in its …Read More

  9. Rock and Grass Closeup

    Welcome to The Prestige Lawn Care’s Blog!

    Welcome to our blog! We’ll be talking all things lawn and grass, and all things landscaping throughout our blog feed; so stay tuned for news about the world of lawns, tips and tricks for lawn care health, history surrounding landscaping, and facts and figures about the realm of lawn care. To kick off our blog feed, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of the services we perform, and will post fu…Read More