1. Sprinkler Head in Lawn

    Keeping Your Lawn Lush Part II

    In our last blog, we began talking about the best ways to maintain your lawn to get the most lush, lively, green grass in the neighborhood. We’d mentioned that it’s important to aerate your lawn at least once (hopefully twice) per year, and we’d talked about the importance of fertilizing your lawn to maintain the nutrient levels within your soil. Today, we’re talking about properly waterin…Read More

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    Keeping Your Lawn Lush

    Keeping your landscape lush and beautiful is our job. It’s why we provide our lawn mowing and landscaping services. We take pride in producing and maintaining the most lush lawns and landscapes you can find here in the Asheboro and Greensboro areas. That’s why we’re going to take a moment today to offer up some advice for those looking to get the best, most lush lawn. Here are our lawn maint…Read More

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    Are You Overwatering Your Lawn?

    Is your lawn looking less than lush? Do you find that no matter how much you water it, your lawn just won’t thrive? Well, unfortunately, it may be overwatering your lawn that is the initial problem. Let’s take a look at signs that you may be overwatering your lawn, as well as the best ways to water your lawn. Visible Water Runoff If you can see water runoff coming from your lawn, it means that…Read More

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    More Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Looking its Best

    As Americans, we absolutely love our lawns. How much? Well, according to a 2005 study sponsored by NASA, the area covered by lawns within the United States is approximately 49,000 square miles. That makes lawns the largest irrigated crop by area in our country, and that’s an awful lot of lawn care. If you’re reading this, odds are you own your own little piece of those 49,000 miles. It’s you…Read More

  5. Spring Has Sprung, Get a Spring Cleanup!

    Over winter, your yard and landscape can take a beating. Bushes are unkempt. Dead branches hold onto their trees. Grass recuperates from the colder temperatures. It’s time to bring life back into your yard. It’s time to reinvigorate your landscape with a spring cleanup! Here at The Prestige Lawncare, we’re here to bring prestige back to your lawn (and landscape). That’s why we offer all of…Read More

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    It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

    Spring is in the air! With the first day of spring right around the corner - that’s March 20th by the way - now’s the time to book your spring yard and landscape cleanup through The Prestige Lawn Care. As spring rolls around, now’s the time to prepare your lawn and landscape for the season of growth. Here’s what we recommend now that winter is on its way out: Get Your Lawn Aerated Aerate y…Read More

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    Welcome to The Prestige Lawn Care’s Blog!

    Welcome to our blog! We’ll be talking all things lawn and grass, and all things landscaping throughout our blog feed; so stay tuned for news about the world of lawns, tips and tricks for lawn care health, history surrounding landscaping, and facts and figures about the realm of lawn care. To kick off our blog feed, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of the services we perform, and will post fu…Read More