Over winter, your yard and landscape can take a beating. Bushes are unkempt. Dead branches hold onto their trees. Grass recuperates from the colder temperatures. It’s time to bring life back into your yard. It’s time to reinvigorate your landscape with a spring cleanup! Here at The Prestige Lawncare, we’re here to bring prestige back to your lawn (and landscape). That’s why we offer all of the following spring cleanup services:

Lawn Aeration

Your lawn needs a breath of fresh air. That’s exactly why lawn aeration is so important. Aeration brings carbon dioxide to the roots of your grass (plants rely on carbon dioxide to grow). Beyond that, aeration removes thatch that can accumulate during lawn mowing. Plus, aeration brings nutrients to grass roots, revitalizing your lawn for the summer ahead. Oh, and fun fact: Aerating can revitalize and level your lawn if it has been trampled by machinery or vehicles. Aerating decompresses the soil in your lawn, which will help to level it out over time. You should have your lawn aerated once, if not twice per year, preferably in the spring and fall.


Wind blows mulch away, and rain discolors mulch and depletes the nutrients it holds. If your mulch is patchy and lackluster, it’s time to add a fresh layer of the stuff. We’ll bring in a couple inches of mulch to beautify your landscape, protect your plants, and provide nutrients for all of your flora. Keep nutrients in your soil; keep weeds away from your landscape; and enhance the look of your property.


When tree limbs die and bushes are overgrown, you can count on us to prune your plants in order to make your landscape pristine. We’ll reshape your shrubs, and lop off any tree limbs that are dead, dying, or dangerous. Pruning doesn’t just brighten up your landscape, it can be healthy for your trees and bushes. Proper trimming ensures that all of a plant’s limbs receive the nutrients and water needed to thrive.


If your landscape is a complete mess, it’s time to consider installing edging. Keep mulch out of your rock. Keep grass from infiltrating your mulch. If your landscape is more of a whirlwind of materials, it’s time to call Prestige Lawncare to get everything in line. Edging can also serve as a weed and grass barrier between your garden and other landscaping features.


As the sun rises higher and higher in the sky, your lawn will grow in thicker and thicker. Fortunately, you can count on us to mow your lawn to keep it lush, healthy, and beautiful. We provide one-time and recurring mowing services alongside our spring cleanup services.

The Prestige Lawncare

Set your landscape up for success with a spring cleanup from Prestige Lawncare. Revitalize your yard with our aerating services. Refresh your mulch beds with a new layer. Spruce up your bushes and trees with a trim. Tidy up your landscape with edging. And finally, give your growing grass a clip! Get in touch with us for a free estimate!