Shrub trimming makes a yard pristine, and that’s what we love here at Prestige Lawncare. But did you know that the benefits of shrub trimming don’t stop there? Here’s what else a good shrub trimming can do for you and your landscape:

Better Views

Have you lost your views to the bushes in your landscape? Call on Prestige Lawncare to get those picturesque views back. We’ll trim excess branches as is necessary, and meanwhile we’ll be sure to keep the health of your shrubs in mind.

Healthier Shrubs

Trimming your shrubs actually improves their health. Often, shrubs have dead branches that steal nutrients from roots. Trimming these branches and other branches ensures that the rest of your shrub gets enough water and nutrients to thrive! You’ll note a boost in your shrub’s health shortly after a trimming.

More Landscaping Opportunity

Regain some of your landscape, and keep those shrubs at bay. Shrubs can grow quickly, and quickly they grow over some of the best parts of your landscape. Regain grass that’s being choked by shade, or regain that bench that’s been consumed by your hedges. Call on your landscaping professionals here at Prestige Lawncare of Randleman, North Carolina!