Thinking of installing mulch, pine needles, or river rock in your yard or landscape? All of these options can be aesthetically pleasing when properly applied, but their individual benefits extend beyond just looks! Regardless, you can count on Prestige Lawncare for your landscaping needs!

River Rock

River rock is ideal for keeping weeds at bay, and for separating certain parts of your landscape (keep your grass from running into your mulch or your garden with river rock). You can even have us lay down weed-barrier before installing river rock into your landscape. River rock looks especially good at the base of swales and undulations in your landscape – places where a dry river bed may well have existed.


Mulch is an excellent landscaping material. A good mulch can keep weeds at bay, and it can protect your plants and tree roots from heat and cold. Plus, depending on the mulch in use, the plants incorporated into your mulched landscape may benefit from the nutrients dropped by mulch pieces over time. Mulch settles nicely into the landscape, and over the years more mulch can be added to your landscape to spruce it up!

Pine Needles

Pine needles are ideal “mulch” material if you’re surrounding plants that love acidic earth. Acidic plants will thrive when mulched with pine needles, due to the acidic composition inherent in the needles. Plus, pine needle mulch is great in harsh weather conditions. When it’s hot, pine needles will keep plant stems and roots cool. When it’s cold, pine needles can insulate their inhabitants. Moreover, pine needles won’t fly away as the wind picks up here in North Carolina. Pine needles mesh together and stay stuck to the ground once they’ve been placed into your landscape.

Get Started Today!

If you’re ready to give your landscape a facelift, we’re here with the materials and skills to make quick work of your upcoming project. Prestige Lawncare proudly provides landscaping services for folks throughout Randleman, Greensboro, High Point, and beyond. Feel free to take at our full service area, and call us today if you’re ready to get started!