Let us mulch your landscape!Prestige Lawncare of Randleman, North Carolina provides flower bed edging on top of our other landscaping services. Adding edging to flower beds, mulch, or river rock aids in containing your landscaping elements, leaving your landscape looking pristine throughout the year. Often, wind and weather can cause landscape elements to mingle throughout your yard. Edging keeps your landscape from becoming muddled.

Moreover, if you’re trying to separate your lawn from other landscaping elements, edging is an excellent option. Grass tends to leach into other landscaping elements over time, since grass seed can drop into another area in your yard rather easily. Keep your lawn from expanding with edging.

The edging we use is ideal because it is a stiff-yet-malleable metal that can be shaped or bent to fit the curves of your landscape. A small trough is dug to set the metal material into, the metal is set and pounded into the earth, and then small metal staples are set on top of the metal before the edging is back-filled. Once metal edging is set into your landscape, it will hold it’s shape. Metal edging can be set low enough so that a mower won’t hit it, or it may be set high enough that a weed wacker can utilize the metal surface as a backdrop for easy lawn maintenance.

We can also place brick edging into your landscape. Brick edging is ideal for its aesthetics, giving the edges of your landscaping elements clarity. They’re also ideal for maintenance of the landscape. Landscaping brick edging is constructed specifically for setting into landscapes. Again, the process is trenching, placing, and back-filling. No staples are placed for landscaping bricks because their weight and shape make them rather steadfast.

If you’d like to learn more about our edging services for your landscape or flower garden, or if you’d like to schedule an edging appointment, just give us a call or drop us a line! We’re your local landscaping experts here in the Randleman, Greensboro, and High Point area – view a list of our full service area.