shadelawn1In our last blog, we began talking about the best ways to maintain your lawn to get the most lush, lively, green grass in the neighborhood. We’d mentioned that it’s important to aerate your lawn at least once (hopefully twice) per year, and we’d talked about the importance of fertilizing your lawn to maintain the nutrient levels within your soil. Today, we’re talking about properly watering your lawn as well as the best levels of sunlight for your grass.

dreamstime_xxl_11801197 (1)Watering Your Lawn

You don’t want to overwater your lawn, and you don’t want to underwater your lawn. If your grass is brown and dry to the touch, it’s time to increase your sprinkler operating time or the frequency of operation of your sprinkler system.

If there’s standing water in your lawn, you may have another problem altogether. Try to assess if there is a low spot in the lawn. Also, keep an eye out for any broken sprinklers or pipes. You may require maintenance on your sprinkler system. Or it may be necessary to install a french drain (a drain placed at the low point in your lawn that diverts water away from that dip); or you may have to regrade the terrain of your lawn.

shadelawn2Shade & Sun

Grass needs sunlight; but too much sunlight can dry out your grass and cause it to brown and wither. What are you to do? If your grass isn’t getting enough light, it’s likely due to foliage around your landscape. If trees or bushes are obstructing the sun throughout most of the day, you’ll want to trim and prune these plants back.

If your grass is getting too much sunlight, you may have to water your lawn during the day. Break up the heat of the sun with a quick sprinkle. The water will cool down the blades of grass and it’ll give your lawn a little hydration.

Those are our two tips for the day! Check back soon for further tips on maintaining the most lush lawn in the neighborhood. And, as always, count on The Prestige Lawncare of Asheboro and Greensboro for our lawn mowing services!