dreamstime_xxl_54478716Your lawn is becoming unwieldy. The grass is overtaking your edges, and it’s galavanting into your mulch. It’s a jungle, and it’s time to tame the wild animal that is your yard. But what’s best practice? Some folks like to cut the grass in a spiral. Others prefer to go with rows. Still, others prefer the checkered method. With unlimited boundaries, what’s the ideal lawn cutting pattern for your lawn? Let’s settle the debate with the pros and cons of each of the aforementioned methods.

The Spiral Lawn Mowing Technique

The spiral is the easiest mowing technique because there’s nearly no overlap. Practitioners simply start at the edges of your lawn and work inward. You can also start at the center of your lawn and work outward (or start at a tree within your yard). Though this technique is beautiful, and quite quick to perform, it does have a downfall. If you aren’t careful near the center of the spiral, the wheels of your mower may damage the grass. Take extra care to slow down when the turns become tight.

line1The Row Lawn Mowing Technique

Mowing in a row is quite efficient, and it leaves your lawn looking as beautiful as ever. The row technique is the most popular technique among lawn mowing companies around the nation. With this technique, the mower simply mows back and forth across the lawn. The very edges of the lawn can be touched up with an extra pass or two. Again, care must be taken to not tear up the lawn if the mower is making 180 degree turns.

checker1The Checkered Lawn Mowing Technique

Similar in technique to the row lawn mowing technique, the checkered technique just involves one more pass; the mower mows the lawn once again in a pattern of rows perpendicular to the original rows. This is an excellent technique for lawns that are a bit overgrown since they may require that extra pass. The checkered design is also very pleasing to the eye. Once again, avoid speedy, tight turns.


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