If you’re considering a new lawn on your property, or if you’re simply revitalizing your current lawn, you may be debating between seeding and sodding your lawn. It’s a tough debate, and there’s no clear winner. Each method has its merits. So let’s talk about the pros and cons of each; we’ll let you decide which method is best for your lawn.

Seeding Your Lawn

For patchy grass, that has a chance to fill out again, it’s best to seed your lawn. That said, it’s crucial that you find the right seed for your lawn. There are hundreds of grass species out there, and if you seed with the wrong grass specie, you’ll end up with a patch of grass that just doesn’t look right (it’ll have a different color and texture, and it’ll even grow at a different rate than the rest of your lawn). Seed is cheaper than sod, and it requires little skill to get it growing in your lawn. You can do it yourself if you’d like!

Now, caring for a seeded lawn is quite different from a sodded lawn, and a bit more difficult. First of all, you’ll have to ensure that you have a nice layer of healthy topsoil to support your seed. Also, you’ll have to spread your grass seeds and water according to the instructions on your bag. Beyond that, you’ll have to stay off your freshly seeded lawn for a few weeks at the least, in order to give the seed a chance to take root and grow—you’ll also have to keep your pets, children, neighbors, friends, and other passersby from ruining your seedlings for those first few weeks. We recommend putting up a makeshift barrier to designate that you are attempting to grow seedlings. A few stakes and a strip of plastic or string ought to do the trick (unless you have dogs, they’ll bypass your “barrier”).

Sodding Your Lawn

If you have a large portion of your property that you’d like to transform into lawn, you’ll probably want to go with sod. Sod produces a far more consistent lawn, and a lawn that is more likely to survive in the long run. As we mentioned, sod is more expensive than seeding, but since sod is more likely to survive, your cost may be offset over time. Sod is also a great option if you’re planning on putting your home on the market in the near future. Your lawn will look well established, even if it has only existed for a couple of weeks.

Now, you’ll have to hire someone to sod your lawn, or you’ll have to get a few tools to do it yourself (at least a sod knife). Before you dig in yourself, know that sodding is a demanding task! The rolls are heavy, and you’ll be spending a lot of time bending over or kneeling. Like sod, you’ll also have to wait for a while before you can walk on your new lawn, and you’ll have to take special care to water your sod on a strict schedule for the first month or so. However, sod is far less sensitive to the occasional footstep by a dog or toddler.

Prestige Lawncare

Well, we hope we’ve helped you to make a decision to build a thriving lawn. Once your lawn is well-established, we can help you to maintain it. We provide a variety of lawn maintenance services, including lawn mowing, leaf removal, core aeration, and more. We work with folks from Asheboro to Greensboro. If you’re ready to get started, you can grab a free estimate!