It’s official, as of September 22, fall is in full swing. That means that the leaves are changing colors, and falling into our lawns. It also means it’s time to prepare the ol’ landscape for the upcoming winter. Here are a few tasks that you should accomplish to prepare your property for the colder months:

Leaf Removal

There’s nothing more autumnal than the falling of the leaves. And while the kids might love the crunch of leaves underfoot, they can make a real mess of your yard. Plus, leaving leaves on your lawn over winter can actually damage the lawn. Give your yard the sunlight and air it needs by keeping those leaves off the ground this fall.


Aerating your lawn reinvigorates its soil. It’s wise to give your lawn an aeration twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Aerating ensures that your lawn doesn’t become too compact. In addition, aerating brings nutrients and air (which contains carbon dioxide, an essential ingredient to plant growth) to the roots of grass throughout your lawn. Aerating also loosens up thatch (built-up dead leaf and grass material) which may be suffocating your grass. It’s best to aerate in fall while temperatures are still moderate and your grass will have a chance to rebound before the coldest time of the year.


If you have thin patches of mulch throughout the berms and flower beds of your landscape, it’s time to pile on a fresh load of mulch. Mulch doesn’t just look great for your property, it serves a few extra purposes: First of all, mulch protects plants and the soil near their root structure from severe changes in temperature. That could be enough to save your plants when we encounter an ice storm or a blizzard this coming winter. In addition, mulch provides much needed nutrients. As mulch naturally degrades, it releases nutrients into the surrounding soil, providing the ideal environment for the plants throughout your flower beds. Mulch also holds moisture near plant roots, which can help plants to flourish, even when the atmosphere is dry.


If you have dead branches throughout your yard, it’s time to have them cut. While you shouldn’t do any major pruning until spring, it’s OK to cut dead branches in the fall, since these branches can deplete nutrients and water, they can attract pests, and they can spread disease to other limbs on your tree or bush. Have those dead branches lopped off while your landscaper is around.

Get a Full Fall Cleanup

If you want the full package, we provide all-inclusive fall cleanups. We’ll ensure that your landscape is in pristine condition this autumn with a fall cleanup that’s sure to make your landscape look picturesque. Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment for a fall cleanup, or if you’d like to inquire about any of our individual landscaping services. We’re proud to provide landscaping services for folks throughout Greensboro, Asheboro, High Point, and the surrounding areas!