In some of our more recent blog posts, we’ve been talking spring. We’ve pointed out that spring is the time to get your bushes and trees trimmed; spring is the time to aerate your lawn; and now we’re going to talk about why spring is the time to freshen up your mulch. It’s simply an excellent time to knock out all of your landscaping services in one fell swoop.

Today, we’re going to dive a little deeper into that latter topic: mulch. Let’s explore why we use mulch, and why spring time is the ideal time to add mulch to your landscape.

Why We Use MulchLet us mulch your landscape!

Mulch is attractive. It simply looks good as a landscaping material. Additionally, mulch keeps moisture within the soil, which can be a major benefit if your mulch surrounds plants or trees. Mulch is also full of nutrients. As precipitation flows through a bed of mulch, the mulch releases these nutrients into the ground; again, this can aid your plants or trees. Mulch is also an excellent insulant. Changing temperatures can damage your landscape’s flora. Fortunately, mulch maintains temperatures for your plant’s root structure.

Springtime Mulching

Mulching or re-mulching your landscape in the spring allows for a full year of nutrient supply to the plants and trees that you’ve surrounded with mulch. As spring precipitation falls, it’ll cause those beneficial nutrients that we’ve mentioned before to leech into the ground.


Regardless of when you decide to get your landscape re-mulched or any other landscaping service performed, you can count on our professional landscapers here at Prestige Lawncare. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment!