Core aeration liberates the soil in your lawn, allowing air and water to flow properly to the roots of your grass. If you’ve neglected aerating your lawn, don’t wait any longer! Lawn aeration dispatches nasty thatch that can suffocate your grass. This thatch builds up over time due to compiled lawn trimmings and leaves, and it can be a thick enough mesh that it may eventually throttle your grass shoots.

Moreover, aeration aids your lawn growth by providing fresh nutrients to your tender grass roots. If you’ve recently laid sod that has had ample time to set, aeration can significantly improve the health of your lawn. Sod is unique in that it has dichotomous layers of soil – one layer that came previously attached to the sod, and one layer that was the original barren surface of your lawn. Integrating these two layers through aeration will release nutrients, and it will aid your grass roots as they attempt to graft into the second layer of soil below the sod layer.

Additionally, seek out lawn aeration if your lawn has been compacted by traffic or construction. If your lawn gets heavy use – say from kids running around, parties, or animals consider aerating your lawn a couple times per year. If you’ve had a construction project where machinery trampled your lawn, aeration could save or aid your lawn in recovery.

Ideally, you’ll want to aerate your lawn twice per year. We suggest giving us a call to schedule your aeration in the spring and fall – although summer aeration will still aid your lawn in thriving. We provide lawn aeration and other lawn care services for folks throughout Randleman, Greensboro, High Point, and beyond. Feel free to take at our full service area.