1. Sunny Lawn Banner

    Your Landscape & Curb Appeal

    When you invest in landscaping, you’re investing in the value of your home property. Your landscape is the first thing a passerby will notice, and it’s extremely important for the curb appeal of a home. If you’re looking to place your home on the housing market at any point in the future, you’ll want to invest in your landscape and ensure that your lawn, shrubs, and trees are flourishing. …Read More

  2. How Not to Handle Winter Landscaping

    When people think of landscaping, their minds instantly go to a summer setting. A homeowner cutting the grass in the middle of August, or a crew industriously trimming shrubbery on a bright and sunny day. While that’s all true, in order to have a strong and healthy landscape, work needs to be done throughout the year. We know, yardwork isn’t always fun, especially if it’s not done on a glori…Read More

  3. Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Looking its Best

    Some homeowners aren’t so great when it comes to the upkeep of their property. The lawn is always a little too long, and the house could really use a new paint job. Other homeowners will do enough to maintain the look and keep a reasonable appearance, but they might not have the time or the inclination to do much more than that. Then there is the third category of homeowner. Not a shingle out of…Read More

  4. Prepping Your Landscape for Winter

    It’s official, as of September 22, fall is in full swing. That means that the leaves are changing colors, and falling into our lawns. It also means it’s time to prepare the ol’ landscape for the upcoming winter. Here are a few tasks that you should accomplish to prepare your property for the colder months: Leaf Removal There’s nothing more autumnal than the falling of the leaves. And while…Read More

  5. Mulch on Berm

    Freshen Up Mulch Now!

    In some of our more recent blog posts, we’ve been talking spring. We’ve pointed out that spring is the time to get your bushes and trees trimmed; spring is the time to aerate your lawn; and now we're going to talk about why spring is the time to freshen up your mulch. It’s simply an excellent time to knock out all of your landscaping services in one fell swoop. Today, we’re going to dive a…Read More

  6. Pests That Are Destroying Your Lawn

    Pests can attack your lawn and leave you with a patchy, dirt-covered pit. If you see damage in your lawn that’s not caused by malnutrition, overwatering, underwatering, or too much or too little sunlight, it’s likely that you have some sort of pest doing all the damage. Let’s take a look at some of the pests that can dig up your lawn and damage your grass. These creatures thrive on lawns thr…Read More